This right here is a learning experience!

Hi all

Reflecting on my last 3 days of doing my assignment and I’m really over reading “learning experiences” by now.

So far I have a complete overview of all the learning experiences linked back to my essential questions so I believe I’m on the right track?

I have so far included videos, a game, a blogging journal, Edmodo postings, PowerPoint presentations, web research, a brainstorming app, a comic creator exercise, cartoon examples and a movie making exercise. My justification is going to be (for Lack of a better word) a b****.

Hope everyone is getting excited for prac! I’m yet to receive my placement :((



Cranky pants!

Recently I’ve seen a lot of posts with very cranky students in EDC3100 complaining about the amount of ICT that’s expected in the learning experiences and the justification essay. Umm… Not sure how to take these. The course is specifically about ICT so why are people so surprised that the requirements are ICT BASED!!?? I may feel a little differently once I come to my essay part of the assessment?

I may also eat my words!! 😉


Extension on assessment

I’ve had a rather tough time eating this assessment piece done for EDC3100 with LIFE getting in the way so cheers to the extension I received on top of the already existing blanket extension.

So today I’ve been experimenting with different types of learning experiences per the ipadagogy wheel I shared a little while back… Not good results to be honest, I’ve gotten 1 learning experience down. The stats also say I’ve only competed 58% of learning paths… Seems I’m EXTREMELY behind. Oh well? All week to do this… Gotta knuckle down and get these posts going again.

Until next time!

Planning a Year 8 English Assessment Piece

I was scrolling through my reader and discovered Pen Delmondes post which includes an overview of what Pen will be doing for both her summative and formative assessment.

Because I am so behind in Uni work at the moment I’ve yet to decide on the types of assessment I will be choosing for my unit plan. I got some well needed inspiration from Pen’s post as I think a quiz and learning journal are both really good ideas for formative assessment!

I have found a game on scootle for teaching students about different levels of meaning in texts and how these levels are created so I think the completion of this game could possibly be a form of quiz after explicitly teaching the students about the levels of meaning in texts…

Well, that’s just noting some of the ideas in my head right now 🙂 feel free to comment and tell me some of your ideas for formative and summative assessment? I’d love to hear them!


No internet!!!!

Yay to being on holidays, booh to using all my internet in the first 3 days of major catchup!! 😦
I am resorting to posting off of my wordpress app on my phone now… So I was trying my hardest to download a picture of Blooms Taxonomy that is based on iPad apps when the internet completed objected. I found the wheel when I was on prac at a school in Toowoomba where every student has their own personal iPad! I thought it was amazing! It’s so easy to just take a look at what apps the students have on their iPads and make use of ICTs in every lesson… The fact that there is a Blooms Taxonomy wheel created is sooo handy! Blooms Taxonomy on its own is useful enough!

So I hopped on my phone internet and looked for the wheel I originally found but couldn’t find it anywhere… BUT I did happen to find this SAMR wheel which is almost identical.

I’m not sure how to add pictures on my phone app so I hope the link above works.

Thanks for reading guys and if anyone finds the Blooms version of this could you post a link in the comments please?!

Catch you all later 🙂 p.s. Just found a little thing on the app that may be for uploading photos so… Hope there is an image at the end of this text


sharing my curriculum + assessment

Hi followers

It’s been a while since my last blog post so I’ll have to get back in the swing of things… Two weeks behind in my studies because of some very difficult assignment pieces that have been time intensive. So no holidays for me, just two weeks of catching up!! Yay! Especially when I’m moving house over the Easter weekend and have a major quiz over that weekend aswell… Oh the joys of becoming a teacher! HAHA!

So here I am sharing my curriculum descriptors and assessment criteria… I decided to use the context of a Year 8 English class as that is what I have already had my experience with. The following descriptors I believe will be good when using ICTs and definitely for allowing the students to perform some self-directed learning. 

1. Constructing: ACELA1542 Understand how rhetorical devices are used to persuade and how different layers of meaning are developed through the use of metaphor, irony and parody

2. Transforming: ACELT 1768 Experiment with particular language features drawn from different types of texts, including combinations of language and visual choices to create new texts

The following criteria for the assessment links to the above descriptors but will need some tweaking as I develop my assessment piece ideas:

1.Discerning analysis of how language features, images and vocabulary are used for different purposes, audiences and effects

2. Discerning use of a variety of textual and language features to achieve different purposes and effects:
•written features
•spoken/signed features
•non-verbal features
•visual features

Well that’s it for me today!

Catchya all later 🙂